Giving is important to God, Jesus made that clear. So giving is important to Team IHI as well.

10% of our sales are donated every quarter to a charity/non profit.

We have hand selected four organizations that are close to our hearts. Each of these organizations are run by people just like you and I who want to positively impact the world. The people who run them have close ties to us at IHI and their passion for their causes have birthed desire for us to support their work.

1st Quarter gift to Lemonade International

They exist to to partner with local leaders as they facilitate community development programs in solidarity with the people of La Limonada in Guatemala City.

Founder Bill Cummings was a youth pastor and very influential in IHI Founder Matt Williams' life. Bill's love and passion for people is held in very high esteem amongst our team. Under Bill's leadership Lemonade international has helped make an amazing change in Guatemala and we want to partner in that work.

2nd Quarter gift to One Million Children

They exist to transform the lives of one million children in Africa, helping them to reach their God-given potential through clean drinking water, medical care and Gospel teaching.

OMC Founder Larry Roth is a teaching pastor and very influential in IHI Founder Matt Williams' adult life. We have had the pleasure to watch Larry's love and passion for Zambia grow into a fever pitch. Partnering with OMC to provide natural and living water is an honor.

3rd Quarter gift to Love Thy Nerd

Love Thy Nerd exists to be the love of Jesus to nerds and nerd culture.

At LTN we love nerds. In fact, we’re nerds ourselves. We also love Jesus and believe in what he asked us to do: love our neighbors. Whether you are a gamer, a Trekkie, a comic nerd, a Whovian, an otaku, a brony, a roleplayer, a LARPer, or any other flavor of nerd, we think you are valuable and wonderful. Unfortunately, Christians haven’t always done a great job of loving their nerdy neighbors. We want to change that.

LTN wants to speak redemption, hope, truth, and love into the parts of nerd culture that have often been alienated, demonized, dismissed, or simply ignored by Christians. We also want to educate Christians on the value of nerd culture and how we can love our nerdy neighbors better.

4th Quarter gift to Love A Child, Inc

Love A Child, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit &Christian humanitarian organization, serving the needs of children in Haiti.

Founders Bobby and Sherry Burnette live year-round in Haiti at the Love A Child Orphanage. They are full-time missionaries who minister to the poorest of the poor in Haiti and work to spread the Word of God, showing Christ’s love by example.